When you need extra help to survive from mosquitoes and other bugs. This insect repellent body spray is created from organic ingridients for extra sensitive skin. It's alcohol free and environmental friendly and smels refreshing!


Reminiscent of evening bonfires and get togethers to celebrate precious warm weather in the nature away from bugs.


Crispy and woody fragrance of: lemongrass, citronella, camphor, cedarwood and geranium + plant based alcohol free unscent witch hazel.


4oz recycable plastic spray bottle to have it always handy without extra weight in you bag.


Shake it well and spray wherever you desire.

For better results repead application every 1-2 h


Hand crafted in Canada.

Into the Wild - body spray

Excluding GST/HST
  • - shake it well before application

    - for better results apply every 1-2h